“I have been buying tickets for a few years, for a donation, never thinking I would win. The things that I read that he (Earnhardt Jr.) does with The Foundation…I love that,” Adams said. “That is phenomenal, and that’s why I wanted to donate.” ~ 2021 Win Dale Jr.’s Ride Winner, Robin Adams

“I bought my two tickets knowing I didn’t have a chance of winning, and I knew that the money would be going to a good cause in The Dale Jr. Foundation. Look at me now! The Foundation does a lot of good work for kids who are at a disadvantage. It is certainly a good cause, and I’m happy for the opportunity.” ~ 2020 Win Dale Jr.’s Ride Winner, Misty King

“I bought it because I am trying to give back to people, do some good things. I never expected to win it, but I was happy to help The Dale Jr. Foundation and all the good works it does.” ~ 2019 Win Dale Jr.’s Ride Winner, Brian West

“I knew the drawing was coming, so I had been paying attention to it. I was really surprised. Obviously I was beside myself, because when I saw the phone call coming in, it said Mooresville, N.C. on my phone. I was thinking to myself, ‘it can’t be…’ When I answered the phone, it was Kelley (Earnhardt Miller, the general manager at JR Motorsports and vice-president of TDJF) and I recognized her voice because I’ve listened to several of the Dirty Mo Radio podcasts over the years. I was beside myself, but also very anxious, because in the back of my mind, I knew there were three different prize levels.” ~ 2018 Win Dale Jr.’s Ride Winner, Robert Mason

“I saw the phone call come in from Mooresville, N.C. and I didn’t even put it together in my head because I get so many solicitation calls. I just hit the red button and hung up. My phone rang right away from the same number, so I thought I had better see what was going on, and it was Kelley (Earnhardt Miller, general manager of JR Motorsports and vice-president of TDJF). I said, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me! Did I win?’ and she asked me if I felt lucky today.” ~ 2017 Win Dale Jr.’s Ride Winner, Mike from Nevada

“I feel like I won the lottery. This is the biggest thing I’ve ever won.” ~ 2016 Win Dale Jr.’s Ride Winner, Larry West

“This is great. I am so pleased to be part of this program and proud to be lucky winner number five! The Foundation does such good work, and my whole family is Earnhardt fans, every last one of them. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I got the call from Kelley saying that I’d won. I will drive that car to a few select events this week, and I will be proud to do so.” ~ 2015 Win Dale Jr.’s Ride Winner, June Warren